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We are "The Original Hotrod Tattoo" also known as HRT, 

founded in 2000, and located in Downtown Chandler Arizona.  

Hotrod Tattoo has grown over the years, and our location is

much improved from our original location nearly 20 years ago,

but our core business principles are never more true

than day one.   Hotrod Tattoo continues to improve, evolve

and we truly believe  "Hotrod Customers Rock!"

If this is your first Tattoo or Body Piercing, or if you are a seasoned veteran to the tattoo community, WE WELCOME YOU ALL to our family...  Hotrod Tattoo and the entire staff are humbled, we genuinely value the opportunity to work with you, and we strive to develop a friendship and a bond that will be much deeper than only your tattoo.   


HONEST, FRIENDLY & PROFESSIONAL- that is our fundemental core values,  our beliefs.  We are passionate about "THE ART OF TATTOOING", and we are committed to making your tattoo experience positive.​


Matt Mooneyham-Founder




Hotrod Tattoo has a team of 7 tattoo artists.  If you are new to Arizona, or don't have a specific Tattoo Artist, Collectively our team will coordinate and determine who would be best for your specific design. We do not have a rotation, and you ultimately get to pick the artist you are most comfortable with.  Take some time getting to know our staff, and follow us on instagram for our most current work.  Click the link below for our step by step process for scheduling your tattoo.


Hotrod Tattoo is primarily a Tattoo Studio, but we do offer select Body Piercings. You will find that HRT does NOT have the jewelry selection or the immediate availability that a dedicated piercing studio can offer.  BUT with that said, Hotrod Tattoo does have two body piercers with combined 30 years experience, and we are very passionate about a smooth, comfortable piercing experience.  If you are looking for a walk in, spur of the moment piercing- More than likely, and respectfully we can NOT accommodate you.  Please email or call for scheduling and availability.


Hotord Tattoo offers all the best brands and products to assist in your aftercare procedures.  We sell brands like Tattoo Goo, H2Ocean, Tattoo Science, TatJacket, HUSH, and more.

We also have memorabilia and other merchandise to include; T-shirts, Tank tops, hats, tumblers, lighters, stickers and more...  HRT also offers gift cards in any amount.

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